Florida Keys Most Popular Dive & Snorkeling Sites

Upper Keys

North Dry Rocks

North Dry Rocks is located about 1/2 mile northeast of Key Largo Dry Rocks (where the Christ statue is). You'll find 3 mooring buoys marked with the letter "N". If you head out to the Dry Rocks dive site and find that all the buoys are taken (which is often the case) try this site. This reef is small but is an excellent spot. Lots of lobsters, fish and barracuda live on this reef. And because North Dry Rocks is out of the SPA, if you have a lobstering permit, you can try your hand at catching one of these tasty treats.

North Dry Rocks is for the beginner and intermediate diver and is also a good snorkeling location. The reef is from 5 to 25 feet deep.

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